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Welcome to the new era of entertainment.

The virtual reality revolution is upon us. Our team started out hacking together hardware and designing new mechanics built around full motion tracking and wide field-of-view headsets. The result was Project Holodeck at the University of Southern California. From that project we founded Survios to further our immersion research and craft new forms VR gaming and entertainment.

Not just controlling the game.
But living inside it.

We have created an immersive gaming
environment unlike anything you have
experienced before. This full body simulation
allows players to literally walk around a large
digital space in complete three dimensions.
You move one hand in the real world, you'll
move one hand in the virtual one. The gaming
experiences that emerge from this are lifelike
and visceral.

Pioneering the most immersive
experiences that exists today.

We are making games that track the six-axis
motion of your entire body and take full advantage
of virtual reality displays. With an interface of this
kind, players experience the sensation of actually
living and breathing inside a game. The result is a
truly immersive experience with complete sense of
presence. The first of its kind.